Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vintage Goodness

A few weeks ago Rt 127 held the longest garage sale. I was so excited to attend a few in the Celina, Ohio area with my mother in law. So much fun! I did not purchase much, mainly because so many people seemed to use Antique Roadshow as a price guide, but I did make a few scores.
I found a nice little tea set with a tray. I had no intention of purchasing it, but the owner shouted a deal at me.

Can you believe this was only two dollars?

I have no idea what this is made out says Keystoneware. According to what minor research I have done, they manufactured both silver plate and stamped aluminum. I am thinking this is silver plate, the tray just throws me. It may be aluminum. It is probably from the late 1940s.
It was quite yucky when I bought it. But I cleaned it up with some baking soda and white vinegar, which did an excellent job of taking care of some of that...patina?. I could tell somebody once tried using a store bought silver/metal polish that ends with X as some of the silver plate is chipped off. But, as I do not plan to do anything more than set it on my dresser to corral little bits in, I do not mind. Two dollars people!
I do plan to purchase some more realistic fake flowers to put in it! These are from my daughter's collection.

Monday, August 15, 2011


It has been many many months since I have been on here. To update you, I did finish my goals for February. I just never  blogged it! I made three photo books. One for the first year of life for each of my kids. I used shutterfly. Which I lurve! I use them to make personalized calendars for Christmas gifts every year, which results in my receiving coupons for other items. I finally took advantage of them! I also took advantage of some 50% off sales on books. So nothing was full price! Yeah!

I also made school scrapbook binders for the older two kids. Now keep in mind that I am not a scrapbooker. So these will work for me. Maybe. ;)

I have many other projects that I worked on after my month of attempting to catch up (in some small way) on archiving my family history. Will try to update you all on some of the more interesting ones. As well as begin documenting the ongoing projects. See you soon!