Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I heart contact paper!

Ok maybe it is February...but happy 2011 anyways. I am going to give blogging a try again, mainly as a personal exercise. So if you get bored and go away...that is okay. I will still read your blog. Anyhoo...on to what I have been up to. January was my organizing month. No, I am not really that disorganized but life with 3 small kids being what it is...well you understand. It is an ongoing process.
I recently came across some delicious contact paper from Target and have used it every where. Take a look. On top is my junk drawer. It doesn't look it in the photo, but it is a very small width drawer. Finding organizers that would fit it was impossible, so I just added some small vanity sized organizers that will have to do, along with some of the contact paper.

 Obviously, this is the kitchen. Not original, but it makes me so much more relaxed to look inside and see this instead of a jumble!

 My desk drawers got lined also. So purty! Maybe I will not have such a mess in 3 months!

This is a sort of mobile command center that I can not take credit for, as I am pretty sure that I saw this same thing on someone else's blog in January. Unfortunately, I read so many blogs and click through onto other blogs that I can not credit that thrifty mama that came up with this. Not adorable. BUT, it did save me from going to purchase an inbox for all the numerous papers people keep bringing into this home! Everyone has their own file folder for school papers, etc. And I have my bills to be paid file, Grocery coupons, a Sign & Return file for stuff I need to return at some point.

I also used this paper in Mei's dresser drawers, and under my bathroom sink in the Master Bath. So random...but hey it is pretty, it makes me smile, and it was cheap. What more can you ask for?