Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I made this wreath about a month ago. Ignore the imperfections- they are not visible from the street. It is just a simple project. Straw wreath not even unwrapped, go around and around with yarn. Glue on felt heart buttons. Hang.
 Easy Peasy. My kids actually made smaller ones to give away to relatives for Christmas. They enjoyed doing the first one, but after that in became monotonous to them. All that yarn. They used smaller form so we could not just pass the skein through the middle. We then used smaller strings and pinned them on with pearl headed pins for a more decorative polka dotted look. No pics unfortunately. This is the second year I have forgotten to take pictures of the crafts we make for people at Christmas. Must remember this year! My valentine and I are going out on the town tonight. Hope you all get to spend some special time with your loves this weekend.