Friday, February 4, 2011

February Goals!

My goal this year was to achieve balance. Part of that was tackling some things that I have needed to do, but really dislike and so have not done. Major one was Memory keeping or Keepsakes! I have not printed out pictures since the advent of digital cameras. Yep. I am terrible. I would so much rather keep playing under the table with the kids.

I have set some goals to get a handle on this area for the month of February.

  1. Buy a flash drive to back up photos.
  2. Look into digital picture frames.
  3. Order an 8x10 photo of Sophie at 3mos for a scrapbook.
  4. Buy 2 new Albums. (I put the kids professionally taken photos in an Album, or will)
  5. Buy a variety of scrapbook papers cheaply.
  6. Make a first year photo book for all 3 kids.
  7. Make a binder for kids special artwork and school papers.
Some ways I intend to accomplish this is to work 10 minutes a day on it. I have found in other areas of my life if I set a time line/limit, that I can handle anything for x number of minutes. I have to say that this has helped me tremendously. It is only the fourth and I have ordered one photobook, the other is waiting for a good deal to come on shutterfly before I order it. So really just need to do the most recent child! And then the other stuff. Sigh. But with only 10 minutes per day, I can see the end. Of course the rest of the last ten years will have to wait for another month! LOL!


  1. I am the same way. I actually just (last night) put all my loose pictures in order by date and event. :) Now I just need to get motivated to actually do something with them. At least they are in photo boxes (found at the thrift store for a buck). That's better than nothing I guess.

  2. Wow! Photo boxes for a buck! Good score! and that is def better than nothing!